How to Use 3-Way Calls to Double Your Network Marketing Income

One of the best thing i love about Network Marketing is the flexibility you have in conducting the business. You can conduct your business anywhere with just a few simple tools from home, that is ; a telephone line and a laptop. This allows you to save traveling time and cost of business. With the tools, you can engage in three-way-calls with a successful person in the business to a new prospect. Here are some tips i personally use when engaging in three-way-calls;

When conducting a three-way-call, you need to make some effort to introduce the prospect to the leader that is successful in the business to make the prospect feel that he is talking to someone special and also remember to introduce the prospect to the leader to let the leader have a brief background of the prospect and this makes the prospect feel special. The trick is to make both parties feel special to start the conversation an a good note.

Once you are done with the introduction, you should let the leader do the talking, listen and learn how the leader conduct the conversation, and never interrupt the conversation. This demonstrates your respect for the leader and makes the prospect feel less pressured as there is little selling done over the conversation.

This phone call is serve as an introduction to the business, but the prospect will decide if they want to join the business or try the product or not at all. Whatever the decision, make sure you schedule for a follow up meeting to finalize the decision, otherwise you probably need to call the prospect all over again.

In conclusion, three-way-calls serves very well as an opener to the prospect for yourself and the leader, but you must know that nothing is confirmed until they have made a decision to join you or try your product. Try to get the most out of every call, be it an affirmation to join you or try your product. even if they decided not to join you in the business, you should still try to get referrals from them.