Prospecting Is The Life Of Your Credit Repair Company

Prospecting is the life of any kind of business. If there are no new leads coming into your business then you are going to have a difficult time running a successful credit repair company because without clients there is no business.

This is one of main tasks that a credit repair company needs to focus on. There are many ways to attract new prospects in your pipe line. Just so we are on the same page throughout this article, when the words “prospect” or “lead” is used it is meant as a potential customer, someone who hasn’t paid yet. When the words “client” or “customer” is used it is referring to someone who has already paid for your service.

So in order to get clients you first need to get prospects. You can get prospects by many methods

1) By asking for referrals from others. A good method to use for this is to offer a commission to affiliates. They bring you a client and you pay this affiliate a flat fee per client. An excellent tool that you can use to recruit affiliates is by working with portals. A portal will allow your affiliates to submit their leads directly to you. It will also give them access to updates on when their commission is going to be paid. This is an important tool when trying to recruit affiliates to promote your Credit Repair Company. They are in a sense partnering with you to expand your business. Make sure to make it a compelling offer, your affiliates are going to be bringing leads your way that you didn’t have to acquire yourself. Just imagine having a few dozen affiliates brining you a few deals per week. The best way to motivate is to compensate. So treat your affiliates good, they can provide a large portion of your companies revenue.

2) Word of mouth. This method is relatively easy, since you are in the business of repairing credit, and a good percentage of our population has credit problems, you just have to open your mouth and let people know that your company exists. There are many people that carry around business cards with them everywhere they go: grocery store, networking events, Doctor visits, the list goes on and on. They do this because they know that the power of word of mouth can bring in new customers and simply because it works. That prospect gets to see you in the eyes and gets to meet you in person. This prospect will then be left with your business card in hand, always keeping you in mind if they were to ever need of your services.

3) Advertising: There are literally hundreds of ways to advertise. We will just discuss a few. There are two ways that you can advertise: there is the off-line method and then there is the online method.

Off-line Methods:

– Handing out business cards in malls

– Placing business cards on car windows in parking garages

– Creating short surveys and asking people to fill them out

– Rent a booth during networking events

– Join your local Chamber of Commerce

– Go from house to house placing your business card on their door handle

– Hiring a team of people to walk around crowed areas with your company shirt

on with a catchy logo and your contact info.

– Hire company to blast mass text messages for you

– Promote in local news paper.

– Promote in community news papers (usually cheaper)

The list goes on and one

Online Methods:

– Run advertisements on Google, Bing, AOl, and Yahoo!

– Promote via social media networks like: Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

There are a few others, but these are the largest of its kind with millions of users.

– Join forums pertaining to your particular niche, which in this case is credit repair.

– Write articles about your company and submit them to article directories.

– Make YouTube videos and add the proper keywords so you video will be ranked in the search engines.

– Create a web site

– Join chat rooms

– Offer a free gift as a download. For example, someone who is searching for a credit repair company

can go to your site, download a free e-book that you are offering. The e-book it will teach them the

importance of having good credit and at the end you offer your services as the solution that they are

looking for

As you can see, the ability to gather prospects is vitally important for the over all longevity of your business. It is by far one the most, if not the most, important thing that you can do for your Credit Repair Business. Please keep in mind that there are many many more ways that you can market your company. Learn and master one method and then add another one to your arsenal. Tis will ensure a stead stream of leads that will turn into eventual clients.