Real Deal About ROI Unlimited – Does ROI Unlimited Really Make It ‘Easy’ For The Little People?

ROI Unlimited has been in business for a little over five months now and they have already paid out over $3 Million Dollars in commissions. Their last pay out was over $400,000. Now, anybody looking at this might be curious or impressed, however, what I want to cover in this article is how much of that money is being made by the average member. You know the ones who don’t really know how to market their business and don’t have a huge list of loyal followers to keep their commissions coming.

One of the selling points that ROI Unlimited members are using is that “you can make money initially without sponsoring anyone. This is supposed to give new members time to learn how to market while they have the chance earn up to $5500. If you are in the market for a good business opportunity, I am sure that you have heard big promises from many opportunities. They all claim to make it simple for you to make money, but in the end success comes down to one thing, and that is the ability to find other people who want to join you in your business. It really doesn’t matter how great your product is; and it really doesn’t matter how great the compensation plan is; if you can’t attract other like-minded people who want to join you, you will not be successful.

So, how does this new popular company propose to resolve this issue? To answer that question, let’s take a closer look at the company.

ROI Unlimited Membership Requirements

In order to be a member of ROI Unlimited you are required to purchase at least one of their discount travel products. You can choose from three levels of membership:

The Silver Traveler membership at the cost of $250, is the first level at which you can join. With this membership, you receive a The ROI Unlimited Hotel Card which gives its holder the ability to get the guaranteed lowest price for all hotels booked online.

At the time of purchase these members are also placed on the first available position on the Driver Board. This is the business parallel to this level of membership. Member have the opportunity to earn a $500 commission when they cycle off this Board.

The next level of membership is the Gold Traveler. If you decide to join at this level your cost will be $1000 and you will receive the ROI Unlimited Condo Card. With this card member receive discount prices on the rental of over 2 million weeks of condos, villas, suites, cottages, and private homes in over 200 countries.

Gold Traveler members will the first available position on the Accelerator Board. This business position parallels this level of membership and when members cycle off this board they will earn $5000 in commissions. Members are automatically placed on this board once they cycle off the Driver Board (the first level of membership). Members who cycle off of the Driver Board are not required to pay the membership fee to move up to this second level of membership and they receive all the benefits of membership. Also, when members cycle off of the Accelerator Board they are automatically placed onto another Accelerator Board at no additional cost to them. As long as you are a member of the company you will continue to re-enter and cycle off this Board

The final level of membership is the Platinum Traveler which costs $3500. Members who join at this level receive the ROI Unlimited Cruise Card as well as the ROI Unlimited Hotel Card and the ROI Unlimited Condo Card. As the name suggests this membership allows members to save on cruise travel. This membership is optional.

Members on all levels have lifetime use of the ROI Unlimited Travel Portal to book their travel.

Now all of this sounds great, but it still doesn’t solve the problem of how this program makes it easy for the average person to succeed, not just the marketing pros and MLM lifers who have large list of loyal followers.

To answer this question, we must take a look at four unique components that ROI Unlimited claims gives its members a better chance of success.

  • Company-wide “follow me” matrix. This allows members to “follow” their sponsors and help them get to the top of their matrix and earn their commissions.
  • New members sponsored by your sponsor you will be placed on your board, allowing you to directly benefit from the work of your sponsor and everyone on your board.
  • After members cycle off their first Accelerator Board, they are required to bring the equivalent of at least two Silver Traveler memberships in revenue to the company each time they re-enter the Accelerator Board ensuring that the boards keep moving..
  • The Pay It Forward programs ensure that even if members don’t want to or don’t know how to recruit they can meet the requirement of two sales to continue to earn commissions.

When considering these four components, the compensation plan and the products, one might conclude that members of ROI Unlimited may actually have a real chance of success.