Arbonne International Review

Petter Morck saw the opportunity to produce skin care products and cosmetics based on “natural” botanicals back in 1975. His company Arbonne was established in 1980 in the United States. Thirty years in an MLM industry is certainly impressive and Morck himself was purported to have spent many years researching the company’s lines of cosmetics that are sold today via a network of marketers or representatives.

Arbonne products do contain natural ingredients, although other ingredients such as preservatives and fillers have to be added in order to stop the breakdown of the botanical components. Natural oils and the botanical ingredients degrade quickly, so while not totally devoid of chemicals, the company does endeavor to keep its product line as natural as possible – nobody wants to pay for cosmetics that go “bad” quickly after being opened, after all.

Many people really like their Arbonne products, and as a network marketing business it may be something you might want to consider. Companies like Mary Kay and Avon are nowadays considered a little old-fashioned, and their success has left few doors open for new network marketers to get in the ground floor to start successful network marketing businesses.

Arbonne uses a typically structured MLM plan – yes that’s a pyramid structure if you like, but it is a proven, legal sales model for selling.

There are three ways of getting in on the Arbonne International business opportunity: as a client, preferred client or consultant. Their compensation plan/structure is rather complicated so you must make sure you understand it before you join. The emphasis is on selling product, with the opportunity to earn commissions from a down line team that you can recruit to leverage their time and sales efforts to your own financial advantage.

Many of Arbonne’s reps are young women looking to make an opportunity within the network marketing business, and this is a perfect product line to begin a business with, especially if you have lots of younger girlfriends you could sell the product to. Anyone looking to promote the company’s line of products through social media platforms should do well, if they use the correct techniques.

If you already use any of Arbonne’s line of products and you are pleased with the results, then that’s always a plus when you go out and sell – your enthusiasm will show through and give others confidence.

As a word of warning, women’s cosmetics and skin care is an extremely difficult market to get into, as there is so much competition, but if you have a large circle of friends, colleagues and family to whom you can introduce this company’s products, you should do well.

Registering costs $29, or purchase a Starter Kit for $79. The Starter Kit is recommended for anyone serious about building a home business fast, and includes a lot of product and everything you need to get started, including stationery and promotional items.

The company also offers life insurance benefits, travel opportunities, and incentives. Arbonne International is reported to have one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry and there is lots of training and support. With no monthly minimums, no inventory to carry and no worries about limited territories – you can run your business, the way you want it with very few limitations.

Promoting this line of products can be done directly via face-to-face selling and if you feel adventurous, home demonstration parties can be a lot of fun and very profitable.