The Law of Averages in Network Marketing

The law of averages is a common term used to express the theory that eventually, everything evens out. If the law of averages is true, then, theoretically, you should have the same amount of good and bad luck. Indeed, this law of averages is not an average law, being far more powerful than, say, the law of wasting assets: even, the path of physics that science finds itself treading is nothing compared to it.


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In conclusion, remember that the law of averages is really just a statistical device, not something that is laid down to control your life. Massive action brings massive results…

How to Use 3-Way Calls to Double Your Network Marketing Income

One of the best thing i love about Network Marketing is the flexibility you have in conducting the business. You can conduct your business anywhere with just a few simple tools from home, that is ; a telephone line and a laptop. This allows you to save traveling time and cost of business. With the tools, you can engage in three-way-calls with a successful person in the business to a new prospect. Here are some tips i personally use when engaging in three-way-calls;

When conducting a three-way-call, you need to make some effort to introduce the prospect to the leader that is successful in the business to make the prospect feel that he is talking to someone special and also remember to introduce the prospect to the leader to let the leader have a brief background of the prospect and this makes the prospect feel special. The trick is to make both parties feel special to start the conversation an a good note.

Once you are done with the introduction, you should let the leader do the talking, listen and learn how the leader conduct the conversation, and never interrupt the conversation. This demonstrates your respect for the leader and makes the prospect feel less pressured as there is little selling done over the conversation.

This phone call is serve as an introduction to the business, but the prospect will decide if they want to join the business or try the product or not at all. Whatever the decision, make sure you schedule for a follow up meeting to finalize the decision, otherwise you probably need to call the prospect all over again.

In conclusion, three-way-calls serves very well as an opener to the prospect for yourself and the leader, but you must know that nothing is confirmed until they have made a decision to join you or try your product. Try to get the most out of every call, be it an affirmation to join you or try your product. even if they decided not to join you in the business, you should still try to get referrals from them.

A Review of the Silverline Club Network Marketing Opportunity

The Silverline Club domain name was registered in September of 2007. The domain name contacts originate out of Las Vegas, Nevada. When I visited their main page I saw a big graphic on the front of the website that just says coming soon. However when I Googled the name, I found a back door page on this same domain that seems to have all the company details, including the MLM Comp Plan.

The Silverline Club does have a nice Presentation Video available on their website. They claim to be the world’s very first Business and Social Network. I’m not sure I would agree with this as I just did another review on ZenZuu tonight. This program is custom designed for Internet Marketers who love to travel. I know I love to travel. As a member, you’ll get privileged access to Silverline Connects, which is their Business & Social Networking Portal.

You will also have access to Silverline Trips, which is their Global Travel Online Reservation system. You will also receive the Silverline Club Access Card, which will help you get Travel Discounts with almost 200,000 merchants across the globe. Finally you will be automatically plugged into Silverline Biz, which is their Global Revenue Profit Sharing Opportunity.

The Silverline Club places its core values and preaches connections. Silverline Connections is a unique online community geared towards Network Marketing professionals.

Their common goal is to unlock the massive wealth potential of the Internet. You’ll also receive access to their Global Online Reservation System. Here you can get drastically reduced travel rates all over the world. Right now they offer over 18,000 special Internet Travel rates.

The Silverline Club offers over 14,000 properties from leading GDS companies. They claim to offer insider discounts in the Airline Industry as well. They also offer Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals, Cruise Booking and All Inclusive Vacation Packages. Plus members have access to their Destination Guide Content that offers 360 degree virtual tours, photos and videos on over 5,000 cities across the globe.

Multiple Languages and Currency Options are also available as well as a 24/7 Internet Call Center reserved for all the special Internet rate deals as well as monthly specials.

Te 180,000 merchants you will have access to will help you save money on shopping, movies, golf, health and beauty, recreation, dining, skiing and snowboarding.

The Silverline Club offers 10 different income streams to its members. These include Points Accumulation, Advertising Revenue, Direct Retail Trip Sales, Points Matching Bonuses, Direct Retail Card Sales, Residual Bonuses, Cash Matching Bonuses, Points Matching Bonuses, Profit Sharing Bonuses and Reward Bonuses. They go into much more detail regarding these revenue streams on their website.